Video Conferencing Tips

Below is a list of tips we recommend you follow to have the best experience over your video conference.

- Wear neutral or pastel colors; avoid stronger colors like red or yellow.
- Avoid wearing too much white or black, it can cause the camera to improperly adjust the contrast.
- Try not to wear "active" clothes; plaids, stripes, or busy clothes can have undesired effects.

- There is no need to scream into the microphone, as our microphones have a great pickup range. However you should speak loudly and clearly.
- Avoid any background noise such as music, paper shuffling, finger tapping, etc.

Presentation Materials
- Large bold fonts are recommended for any presentation material.
- Use highly readable fonts. Arial or Times transmits better than any cursive or script.
- Occasionally the camera should shift to the presenter. Long periods of time showing the document can create an impersonal feel in the conference.
- If showing video, keep it short and to the point.
- Have the materials ready to present, so you are not rushing to get them ready.
- Follow copyright rules and regulations.

- Close all shades or blinds as sunlight overpowers the room's lighting.
- Have your presentation materials ready so that you are not scrambling during the conference.
- Have the room set up and prepared before the conference starts.
- At the beginning of the conference make sure that the sites can hear and see each other, and that the volume and camera settings are acceptable.
- Have the camera focused and in balance with the room and the individual.

- Be polite and courteous to the people with whom you are meeting.
- Try not to interrupt the speaker.
- Have your cell phones and pagers turned off.
- Make eye contact with the camera and with other participants in your room.
- Use names to direct questions to specific people.
- Body language counts. Gestures, expressions, and attire, in addition to spoken words, will communicate the entire message being sent.
- Natural motions and gestures are fine. Being overly active does not translate well on camera.
- Smile! Nothing goes further than a friendly smile and a polite voice

Download these tips to post at your location!