Benefits of Video Conferencing and Telepresence

Video conferencing can have a great impact on how people communicate and do business. You are able to hold a high quality face-to-face meeting without having to leave your desk! This improves your productivity, saves time and money, and speeds up the entire business process. You are able to share any type of digital content and multimedia instantly, improving how decisions are made and keeps you one step ahead of the game.

Saving Time and Money
Imagine not having to travel, you do not have to pay for air-fare, car rentals, hotel stays, and unhealthy food. You will not need take time to pack luggage, drive to the airport, go through security and random intrusive checks, and spend a night alone in a hotel room. The time wasted and the price paid adds up quickly, especially for more than one person! Usually for less than the price of a single plane ticket you can have a high impact video conference.

You can have a business meeting with people in Denver, participate in a training session in Las Angeles, demo your new product in London, close a deal in Orlando, and still be home with your family for dinner. It is easy to see how video conferencing can save you time and money as well as improve your quality of life!

True Telepresence
With true telepresence solutions provided by IVC you can really feel like you are in the same room. This is beyond standard video conferencing where you recognize that they are on a screen. With telepresence they are HDTVs with crystal clear audio on large screens located to give the impression they they are right there with you. Go beyond standard conferences with IVC true telepresence!

Improve Relationships
Think of how the relationships with your clients will improve. Minimize faceless phone calls, provide product support face-to-face, and let other people establish a better relationship with you. All of this can be done with video conferencing, and with the latest telepresence technology, it can appear that you are in the same room!

Improve Collaboration
With video conferencing you can connect any computer or video device making it possible to share any content over your conference. You can watch and record a training video, share your computer's desktop, and stream the entire conference over the internet; all to improve how you communicate. Share graphs, charts, and PowerPoints seamlessly. You can even place yourself over this content, like a weather man on a green screen, to really make a great impression. The capabilities to share content like this improve how you make presentation and speed up how decisions are made.

Go Green!
Saving on fuel while you travel, minimize your carbon footprint with less emissions, and using energy efficient technology all help you go green. Video conferencing can help the planet while giving you all the other benefits.

There are many more benefits to video conferencing, and we want to help you experience them. Feel free to contact IVC today if you have any questions or want to learn more!