Video Conferencing and Multimedia for Special Events

Many times a VIP cannot be at a special event, or you need to share a meeting, presentation, or event with a group of people. IVC can help with that. We can deliver, setup, and manage the equipment so you can share the occasion. We also can record events to DVD for playback later, as well as provide live streams over the internet. Here are some event ideas that we can help with:

    -  Weddings
    -  Birthday Parties
    -  Business Meetings
    -  Classes
    -  Graduations
    -  Religious Celebrations
    -  Educational Conferences
    -  Conventions and Trade Shows

We have helped provide video solutions for educational conferences, business meetings, and for relatives to witness a faraway wedding. We have even hosted a Valentine's dinner for a couple in a long distance relationship.

So if you have a special event that needs hosting, then ask us how we can help. Feel free to contact us.